LWF Demo

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LWF plays FLASH assets during game-runtime on the top of HTML5, Unity, Cocos2d-x, iOS UIKit, and more. LWF is designed to make game development easy and fun.
This page intends to provide simple tutorials for LWF with live demos.

LWF Overview

LWF Official page

Documents for Engineers

LWF Github wiki
Unity API Reference
Objective-C API Reference
LWF Loader Document

Documents for Designers

LWF wiki For Flash (JP only)
Flash Production Guideline(pdf)

HTML5 Demo

Getting Started

Animation Demos

Demos played by LWF Loader, download LWF Loader here

Performance Demos

Cocos2d-HTML5 Technical Demo

Unity Demo

Getting Started

Live Demo

Tutorial Video

LWF for C++ Demo on iOS UIKit Renderer

Getting Started

LWF for C++ Demo on Cocos2d-x Renderer

Getting Started