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LWF Loader

Loads LWF in a simple and elegant way.

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LWF Loader provides a simple access to LWF features with minimum effort. It helps developers to quickly test and run their LWF project. LWF Loader currently ONLY supports HTML5. LWF Loader is used along with LWF library.

LWF Loader Demos

How to use

Simply clone or download project to your environment

git clone

Download underscore.js or any compatible library such as Lo-Dash.
Include these files to your project with LWF files and run:

// your settings
var setting = {
  prefix: "./",
  privateData: {}

var element = document.getElementById('lwf-element');
var lwfLoader = new window.LwfLoader();

lwfLoader.playLWF(element, setting);


LWF Loader Document
LWF Loader 日本語版ドキュメント